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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alejandro Music Video


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Informative News

Hello there! I know and apologize for not posting recently, but before I post about my awards assembly, I would like to point out a few things going on with me!

  • I am starting High School in the fall and participating in Honors English 9
  • I have recently became in love with the Glee songs (:
  • I got a solo in the glee version of "Don't Stop Believing" in my chorus
  • I am going to EFY on Monday in Ohio =D
  • I am going to Girls Camp the following week
You should visit the Garrick/Avery and a sliver of Scorse YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/moejoe623

Hopefully I'll have more posts coming! Thanks for reading!! :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Everything that Happened After Snoopy!

Well, there has been so many things that happened after my play that I didn't have time to write about them all so I'll talk a little bit about each one and then show you some pictures, first off: just a few days after the musical, we went to Disney with the Averys and Tangrens!!

Next we met Kris Allen!!
Then, we had a Pre-Christmas White Elephant Party!!

Then I had a Christmas Select Choir concert and Chorus concert!

Then, Sunday...
Then, Christmas Eve with Lewis' and Chambers'!!!!


Lastly, the Avery's surprised us with for a few days coming here around New Years!!

But let's not forget those who were here a little bit after the musical........

So leave comments and tell me how things are going with you please!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

SkunkPost.com || SkunkBeat

SkunkPost.com || SkunkBeat

Peppermint Patty....

For those who ACTUALLY don't know this... I am a lead character in my middle school play: Its is Snoopy!!! and I play Peppermint Patty! But for some odd reason i thought I had to do this post! So cool... BYE!!!!!!!!!!! And if your interested to see the show, it's at the O.P. Middle School, on Nov, 21 and 22!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

David times 3!! Demi and Jordin times 1

First of all, i must say i forgot to do a blog post of the 1st David Archuleta concert I Went to, so i am just going to say a little about that. It was at Club Infinity and were standing, but technically we were like 6 feet away from him!! He waved to me and Reagan because we were waving sooo hard! It was awesome!

But now I have a cooler story:

We already planned on going to the Demi Lovato, David Archuleta, and Jordin Pruitt concert in Ohio on Monday the 27th of July, but we didn't know we'd be going there on Sunday!!!!

It was about 3:00 when my dad yells from upstairs and says that We're going to MEET David Archuleta at a fireside in Kirtland!! It starts at 6:30 go get packed!!!!!! WE hurried fast!! And surprisingly, Kobe was the first one ready... but we also got a girl from our ward named Amanda who was a big David Archuleta fan to come as well!! WE got there like 5 minutes before it stared and we sat in the middle. Right after we got seated we saw David Archuleta come in!!! I could see the look on all the girls expressions and they were whisper screaming cause they were in church at a fireside and they couldn't! David sang Be Still my Soul, How Great thou Art, and I am a Child of God. His keyboardist is Mormon so she came along with him, and played for him. Her name is Kendra. Now, David Archuleta can talk forever! Not that it's a bad thing... but he was answering questions he had and one of them was, will he go on a mission? And he could talk forever on it... he was talking about when he was a little kid on Star Search, and then one of his vocal cords was paralyzed, and then he thought he had a terrible voice, and by the way he has no self-confidence. When he was on American Idol, he thought everyone around him was sooo good, and he wasn't. he was so surprised that he actually made it past the audition. He was always saying why am i here, why am i here!? But finally, he got to the point and said he thinks Heavenly Father wants him to use his talents this way, and says he is in a way already on his mission, because of the way he acts, even when he thinks no one is watching, they are, and he says it has an impact on them because of his example. He also said his favorite candy was Resses. Same as me!! Then he left, and they said that David Archuleta is offering to shake every one's hand and share a few words. That's when everyone got really excited and a little bit jumpy! When it was time, they asked for no pictures or autographs. Then, I was the 1st, to go out the door and meet him, on my way there my heart was beating 1.00 times faster than normal! Then when I saw him, I was a little surprised... i knew he was short... I just didn't know he was just an inch over me! He said hey, how are you, and I said good. And then what i meant to say was this: Thanks for the lesson, it was really good! But it turned out to sound like this: Thank for tthe lessson it waas really ggood! I almost fainted when i first saw him, but then i overcame myself and when my mom came, she said we came all the way from Buffalo to see you. And he's like really, how'd you know? And i said facebook.. and he laughed and it was awesome! We also told him that we were going to the concert tomorrow and he said, well that's awesome! And it was... but Jackson got to hug him!! And then David laughed and said awwww! While we waited for our car we saw that the boys that shook his hand were walking away red-faced and smiling....
Well, when we went to the hotel, we talked about what just happened and processed it... ha ha... and then went to sleep, after breakfast the next morning, we saw a tour bus out next to the hotel!!!!!! We saw a guy that looked just like David Archuleta get out of it!! WE had no time to waste! We rushed down to the lobby of the Hyatt and then to the street, and we saw some guys from the band. and especially Mike, who I remember from the last concert I went to last time! So David Archuleta was staying in the same hotel as us!!!! It was so exciting!!!! We went to the Rock n' Roll hall of fame and saw a bunch of cool stuff. My favorites were: The Michael Jackson thriller jacket and the sequined glove!! The actual one!!!! They were awesome... but you weren't allowed to take pictures in there! :( After we went there, we went back to the hotel and got ready for the concert, we got to the Wolestein Center about 10 minutes early... just in time!! Radio Disney was there too! How sweet!? Very sweet!! Seeing David Archuleta in person for the third time would be the best!! BTW- Amanda Alessi took us there instead of my mom.

This is the view from our seats in Cleveland, Ohio:

We had section 5, row 23, seats 7, 8, and 9!! Pretty close, eh?

At the concert Jordin went first:

Outside Looking in is above /\

She also sand Jump to The Rhythm, My Shoes, and One Love.

Next came David Archuleta!!!! oooooooooooh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

here was his opening must watch!!!!

Now it's time for Demi Lovato whoohooo!!! yeah!!

Well, that was most of the concert... I hope you enjoyed it... and my life time dream of meeting David Archuleta fulfilled... so one more thing I ask: LEAVE COMMENTS!! Do not I repeat NOT leave until you left a COMMENT unless your speechless! thankkkks!! Tel your friends to read and leave COMMENTS!! Bye!!